Cranial Osteopathy for Adults

As we advance through our adult decades, there is often an insidious onset of health problems. But suffering pain, stiffness and poor health is not necessarily an inevitable part of getting older.

What do osteopaths do?

• The body can be likened to a car – needing regular servicing and maintenance as it gets older!
• Osteopaths treat the whole person not just conditions. Therefore a very wide variety of different problems can be helped
• Osteopathic treatment is aimed at releasing strains and stresses that have often accumulated in the body over many years, thus improving mobility and the circulation to all parts of the body
• The result is often an improvement in many different aspects of health

Common Problems

Accidents, strains and other trauma

Most people will have suffered trauma at some point in their life, such as from falls, car accidents, or sporting accidents. Often people do not think that they have injured themselves at the time, but to the trained hands of an osteopath the effects of these accidents are often palpable years later as a continuing strain within the body tissues.

Previous trauma can make the joints more vulnerable to arthritic changes, and cause undue fatigue because more energy is used in simple everyday tasks.

Falls are also more likely as we get older. With increasing age, the body tissues lose some of their flexibility and elasticity – and do not recover as quickly from trauma.

Osteopathic treatment aims to release residual strain patterns from accidents and trauma, both recent strains and historic ones. This allows the body to function more freely.

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